Papers & Current Research


Wang, Y., Chaudhry, A. (2018), “When and how managers’ responses to online reviews affect subsequent reviews,” Journal of Marketing Research: April 2018, Vol. 55, No. 2, pp. 163-177. (Lead Article).


Wang, Y., Chaudhry, A., Pazgal, A. (working paper), “Do Online Reviews Improve Product Quality? Evidence from hotel reviews on travel sites.” Under review at Management Science

Chaudhry, A., Heilman, C., Seetharaman, S. (working paper), “ Measuring the Effects of Customized Targeted Promotions on Retailer Profits: Prescriptive Analytics Using Basket-Level Econometric Analysis.” Under review at Journal of Retailing

Chaudhry, A., Seetharaman, S. (working paper), “Geodemographic Drivers of Store-Level Category Price Sensitivities.”


Chaudhry, A., Wang, Y. (manuscript in preparation), “Video Advertising Dynamics: Evidence from the movie industry.”

Chaudhry, A., Wang, Y. (manuscript in preparation), “Do customers influence each other’s satisfaction or do they just think alike?”

Chaudhry, A., Wang, Y., Seetharaman, S. (research in progress), “Influence of online and offline word of mouth in the product life cycle of movies.”

Wang, Y., Chaudhry, A., (research in progress), “Branding strategy, reputation, and location choice in food service entrepreneurs.”

Wang, Y., Chaudhry, A., Du, R. (research in progress), “Brand tracking: surveys versus online reviews.”

Chaudhry, A., Duhan, D. (research in progress), “When and how gasoline price windfalls affect grocery shopping behavior”

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